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Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah, UAE.
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GM Message

Mr. Haitham
Abdelrahman - General Manager

Since our foundation of more than 10 years ago, we stand strong and have established ourselves as one of the leading fire protection companies in the United Arab Emirates.



Our performance records accumulated over the many years have been outstanding and are marching forward with a will for innovations and organized engineering works to be a leading company in the fire protection system works around the globe.

We want to provide our customers with best and most comprehensive engineering services, fire consultancy, products and complete solutions for all their needs. We believe that we have the expertise & capability to implement the most demanding engineering works. Our main goal is to make our customers more successful. This will result in making us successful as well.

This volatile market environment challenges us to stay focused on controlling costs and maintaining productivity while at the same time continuing to uphold our commitment to responsible resource development. We look forward to offering our customers the best of our services that can drive their business!

Our sustainability is at the heart of our esteemed perceptive outlook. It manages our commitment to long term business achievement and improved development. As such, business achievements are irremovable from the goodwill of society and the friendly environment in which we operate.

I am encouraged by the positively that continues to be enhanced in this fire safety field, particularly the growing improvement of our staff, who are our real wealth. They are part of our family. At same time, I realize that an environment friendly perspective will gradually develop over time, based on targeted growth analysis, best practices and lessons learnt as well as global considerations. In the meantime, we need to make our strengths stronger and fulfill our achievements so that we continue to grow in our fire protection engineering works.

Inthar Safety & Security Systems will continue to strive towards excellence with considerations on outlook on the future of industry, the environment and lifestyles.